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When it comes to the safety of your organization’s perishable assets, turn to names you can trust …Hitachi and HiQ eSystems™.

HiQ sSystems™, feature Avatar™, a safer and more reliable alternative to glycol product simulants, providing a traceable path, monitoring sensitive inventories every step of the way, from transit to storage and final delivery.

  • Commonplace physical sensors only measure the temperature of an individual glycol simulant package, which must be identical to, and packaged with, the product for best results. Inconvenience and fears of cross-contamination, however, often result improper setup and placement, leading to inaccurate data.
  • HiQ eSystems™ Avatars provide an accurate reading of the entire shipment environment by mathematically modeling the temperatures of individual perishable products using one convenient sensor located outside the product packaging – eliminating the possibility for contamination.


HiQ eSystems™ is designed for rugged use in demanding environments, therefore perfect for hypersensitive and extreme use applications. Manufactured in a moisture and contaminant free environment, there are no fragile internal parts, and no “screw-on” or “plug-in” connectors to penetrate the protective casing. The all-aluminum case features a watertight, corrosion-resistant, silicone seal. The typical 5+ year battery life of HiQ eSystems™ sensors, in “battery saver” configuration, provides reliable, hassle-free operation. HiQ’s eSystems™ line of asset management solutions is designed to ensure the safety of your perishable items when and where you need it most.


HiQ eSystems Glacier™ remote environmental temperature sensor system


An extremely rugged remote environmental temperature sensor system
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HiQ eSystems Glacier™ remote environmental temperature sensor system


An extremely rugged remote environmental humidity and temperature sensor system
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